Previous Guests

RD Nutrition Inc.
Autumn Dyck
Registered Dietitian

Love using the space to cook and record! I just have to show up and shoot, no need to clean up my own house! Like how great is that!

Tip of the
Karrie Page
Speech Language Pathologist

The Kitchen Studio is modern, clean and the perfect venue for shooting private videos or online courses. You can make the space as formal or as casual as you would like and with all the different backgrounds you can easily change up the look of your video or photos!

Michelle Syslak
Michelle Syslak
RYT - 200

The Kitchen Studio is the perfect space for me to record since I do not have a large enough space at home. There is plenty of space to roll out my mat, props and record full yoga classes. I'm in love with the esthetic of the brick wall and have many people complement the look!

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